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I am looking to rent a 3+ bedroom house in Belleville, Ontario. I am looking to pay $1000 - $1500 inclusive - depending on the house. I am not looking to pay overpriced rent to be living in Belleville, Ontario as there is not a lot of opportunity in this city and the average citizen is not making a lot of money in Belleville.
Why would you want to rent to me? Let me tell you why.
First, I am a young professional who owns and operates his own successful company. In addition, I am a licensed paralegal with the law society of Upper Canada. Getting your rent money on time will never be an issue.
Second, I am a clean person and will respect your property. I believe in the law of karma and will treat you house like it is mine and this is what landlords are looking for in my opinion - someone who will take good care of their property investment.
Third, I am in my mid twenties but I do not party and I do not drink anymore. I am focused on my business and expanding as an entrepreneur. I work most of the day -10-12 hours a day at least.
Fourth, I was born and raised in Belleville, Ontario. I graduated from Loyalist College on the Dean's List as a Paralegal. I plan on building my current business (Loyalist Process Services) and other legal services businesses in the community. I am well known to the legal community in Belleville as a respectable individual.
My situation is that I am on the fence between renting and owning, but given my age I feel that I may want to move in the next few years to a bigger city like Kingston, so I want to keep my options open so I am considering renting a house instead of buying. I notice a lot of landlord are simply charging to much rent and I understand the risk landlords are taking by renting to someone who may damage their property; however, if you rent to me I can guarantee you that your property will be taken care of. For example, I own my vehicle and I bought it with cash, I keep the interior of my car in immaculate and I would do the same with your house. In addition, I am a licensed Paralegal and as your tenant I can assist you if you get a traffic ticket, small claims, or need legal advice, etc.
If there are any landlords in Belleville that are interested in renting a house to me please contact me at [removed phone] or email me - my contact information can be found at I would be interested in finding a good hearted landlord who is looking for someone to take care of their property in exchange for a moderate cost of rent.
I am looking to find a house somewhere in the range of $1000-$1500 inclusive. Please contact me with any offers.
Thank you,
Ryan Kleinsteuber

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